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Sherrod Brown On Trump's 'Tax Scam'

As Americans file their taxes this year, more and more people saw what Senator Sherrod Brown is referring to as “President Trump’s tax scam,” and “a handout to billionaires” at the expense of pretty much else. Brown says the cost of everything, from health care to prescription drugs, is up, while corporations are making more money than ever. “Workers are more and more productive, but wages, fundamentally, are flat as the costs go up,” he explained. Brown says a proposed policy of his would put more money in the pockets of workers and families. The Working Families Tax Relief Act would help families keep up with the cost of living by expanding the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, which Brown says are two of the most effective tools for getting money into the pockets of American people. It would boost the income of 114 million people and support 43 million children. The senator says Trump and congressional Republicans like to brag that they expanded the child tax credit with their measure, but that they left 26 million out. Children born to affluent families got taken care of, but Brown’s plan would ensure children born to other families get the full child tax credit. It provides every family $3,000 in tax relief per child. Under the current law, most families only get 2,000 per child, while low-income families receive no tax benefit at all.



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