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I'm The Stylist Taking 'Thrifting' To The Max | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

CANADIAN STYLIST Sara Camposarcone, 26, proudly calls herself a 'sustainable maximalist' who draws her inspiration from the maximalism fashion that is all about accessorising and making your look as extra as possible. Sara, who also describes her style as 'kidcore' and 'dopamine dressing', owns a wardrobe that mostly consists of secondhand or homemade clothes. "I like to call myself a sustainable maximalist because the style that I dress in is very maximal," Sara told Truly. "A lot of colours, a lot of bold prints, a lot of different textures and I shop sustainably all the time." Growing up, Sara was always drawn to bright colours but never felt comfortable enough to wear them. When she finally decided to embrace the style, her confidence flourished. Today, Sara is giving her sister, Hanna, a sustainable transformation with a trip to the local thrift store. Will Hanna like the outfits Sara put together for her? Follow Sara: With thanks to Luke Fratesi for providing additional photography:
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