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Furballs on Ice: Guinea Pigs Ride Mini Zambonis at Montreal Rink

Two guinea pigs offered an adorable tribute to everyone’s favorite ice-maintenance vehicle when they rode faux mini Zambonis at Montreal’s Hockey Etcetera ice rink on September 2. The best part? The critters’ vehicles were going backward. This footage was recorded by Melissa Trihey, administrator of the Furballs Instagram account. She posted the video with the caption, “Bingo & Buster sure know how to keep that Hockey Etcetera ice clean.” Trihey told Storyful that her “seven-year-old son does private training at Hockey Etcetera and the management all love when Bingo & Buster come for a photo shoot.” She also said, “There is always a competitive edge when Bingo & Buster get on any vehicle, so it was a little bit of a race” when they were on the ice. Hockey Etcetera commented on the original Instagram post by saying “Bingo & Buster are always welcome back." Credit: Melissa Trihey via Storyful
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