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Pooch fades into the crowd as sheep stop traffic

A group traveling along a remote road in Gjirokastër, Albania, on November 11 had to do a double-take as they passed a flock of sheep blocking traffic. There, among the sheep, was an equally white and fluffy dog who looked more than happy to join the crowd. A German visitor to the region, Matthias Goedeking, took the video and told Storyful that he and his traveling companions originally came across “a herd of sheep on the road and a shepherd who was visibly unhappy about that fact.” When they spotted the dog in the crowd, they followed alongside the pooch for a while, before it disappeared — Where’s Waldo? style — into the white mass of sheep surrounding it. Goedeking said a combination of very careful driving, the “shepherd banging his crook” on a railing, as well as “lots of honking the car” got him and his companions past the horde of furry creatures in the end. Credit: Matthias Goedeking via Storyful
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