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Baby sea lions run startled when the waves crash on them in Galapagos Islands

Sea lions are one of the most lovable and endearing of all the creatures in the Galapagos Islands. They inhabit almost all beaches and rocky shores on the islands. While the mothers are out at sea, hunting for octopus, eels, or fish to eat, the babies wait patiently on shore. The babies nurse from the mothers, feeding almost exclusively on milk until they are much larger and able to go into the ocean to find their own food. At this young age, they would be easy prey for sharks. They spend their time in the protection of the colony and they find time to play with the other juveniles. These two newborns are adorably clumsy and easily startled. As they waddle along the edge of the surf, a wave crashes over them and they run frantically for cover. The females will return from the ocean with full bellies and they begin calling their babies before they are even ashore. The hungry babies return the call and the two meet at the edge of the water. The mother will find a spot on the sand to sleep while her pup nurses. She will repeat this several times each day, needing to eat often to keep up with her baby's demand for milk. But sadly, some mothers do not return from the ocean, falling prey to a large shark. In those cases, the baby will starve as the other mothers will not adopt or care for the orphans. Nature can be harsh and beautiful at the same time. Most of the pups will grow strong over time and will complete the cycle, having pups of their own.
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