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Close-Up Video of Transparent Jumping Spider Captures Its Tube-Like Eyes Moving

A former biology lecturer of the University of New South Wales captured a close-up view of a jumping spider, including the movement of two tube-like extensions of the arachnid’s eyes that were visible inside its head. Dr Geoffrey Hyde posted this 2019 video of the spider to his Instagram account on May 14, 2020. He wrote in the caption that the spider had a translucent exoskeleton so “we get to see the spider’s eyes in a way we rarely do!” Dr Hyde told Storyful that jumping spider experts told him the video was the best example they had seen of the phenomenon. “The spider is continually scanning the environment. If they see a bug they like in the distance, they are able to get to it in a multi-stage journey if needed, even if they lose sight of the prey en route,” Dr Hyde said. Credit: Geoffrey Hyde via Storyful
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