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Dads Help Little Girl Nail Her Virtual Piano Recital

Dads Ricky Shankar and Nic Marcheso helped their daughter London bring her virtual piano recital vision to life in their home in Seattle, Washington, on Sunday, January 17. “It’s definitely more than the teacher asked for but it’s exactly on brand for the Shankar-Marcheso family!” Shankar wrote on Facebook. “L gets [100%] credit for this vision down to the throwing of flowers…over the top!” In a message to Storyful, Shankar said their family is proud of London’s creativity and adaptation to pandemic life. “Today London, our daughter, had a virtual piano recital. We know this is the best to keep safe and others safe so virtual it is…but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it special,” he said. Shankar gave London full credit for the event, from the entrance and flowers down to the reception with all of her favorite foods. Little brother Roman, looking smart in a tiny suit, supported his sister by cheering and throwing flowers. Credit: Ricky Shankar via Storyful
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