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'Flamboyant' Crab Scuttles on Sea Bed Coated in Camouflage of Pink Weed

A decorator crab covered in pink weed swayed in the currents as it tried to scuttle across the sand in the waters off the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, on June 20. Scuba diver PT Hirschfield filmed this video showing the crab coated in the weed camouflage. “As it tried to walk in the surge in its flamboyant costume, this fancy crab looked a bit ‘drunk’,” Hirschfield told Storyful. She said the crustacean was a decorator crab, also known as the seaweed crab. The animals commonly attach algae or seaweed to their carapaces to help disguise them from predators along shorelines. Credit: PT Hirschfield via Storyful
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