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2019-05-09 - Massive 3 ALRM Structure Fire on Movie Set/Auto Dealership in Ellenville, NY

Purchase: Type: Fire Description: On Thursday, May 9, 2019, around 1:00 am, a 3 alarm structure fire broke out at 613 Automotive in Ellenville, NY. This auto dealership was being used as a set for an upcoming HBO film. It is unclear as to what caused the fire. We will update this as the story progresses. Responding agencies include the Ellenville Fire Department, Napanoch Fire Department, Ghramsville Fire Department, the New York State Police, Ellenville Police Department, and several other state and local agencies. Location: 188 S Main St, Ellenville, NY 12428 Injuries: N/A Deaths: N/A Time: 1:00 am EST. HIPAA and the News Media: The law does not directly apply to the news media (unless a media employer acts as a health plan or healthcare provider – by offering onsite medical care, for example; or a reporter works for a publication that is covered – such as a hospital newsletter). (Source: PA News Media) Video Licensing: By purchasing any video license from Odom.TV you agree to acknowledge Odom.TV by placing a watermark on all videos you publish. You MUST place this watermark on all video licenses you purchase unless gaining explicit permission from an Odom.TV staff member. Image Licensing: You are NOT required to acknowledge Odom.TV if you purchase an image license. If you do so choose to acknowledge Odom.TV you may. NOTE: MOST VIDEOS COME WITH WATERMARKS ALREADY ON THEM Twitter: ​Facebook:
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