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BTC’s full gym/core session with Gwen and Colleen

Hello everyone, my teammate Colleen Quigley and I are excited to walk you through our entire gym routine. Let us know if you like this long style video. Walking drills: (5 each! Shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes!) 1:00 High knee pull/heel to butt 2:00 Pigeon 3:15 Walking T spine 4:44 Walking warrior (half lunge forward with arm up) 6:20 One toe up and reach down 6:50 Walking IT band stretch 8:40 The side to side lunge/adductor stretch 10:50 Walking T 12:20 Side to Side 13:40 Hammy kicks (Frankenstein) 14:10 Hammy kicks but at an angle 14:50 Hammy stretch with feet straight, out, in 15:50 Inchworms. Balance with Kettlebell. 17:45 Grab a kettlebell, stand on one foot, and pass kettlebell around your hips in circular pattern, passing between hands. 10 x clockwise and 10 x counterclockwise. One time each leg. 20:30 Then with a partner, stand on one leg about 6 feet apart, and using a yoga rope or cord, play tug of war trying to get your partner to lose balance. Go about 1 min each leg 23:40 Then with KB again, but this time a higher weight one than normal - about 20-25 lbs for the women, 30-35 for the guys, hold weight at your side and stay nice and tall, and do 10 alternating marches, both sides. Core 27:30 Grab a 4-ish lb med ball, get in push-up position with both hands on the ball, and hold 10 sec and then go through all our movements patterns. 29:00 Then flip on your back and put med ball or object between knees (which are at 90 deg) with neck/upper back gently curled up, and do 3 reps each of our movement patterns (side to side, circle left/right, figure 8, out and in, out and in diagonally). 30:15 Flip back over and get in push up position with ball under one hand, and pass ball back and forth 10 times. 30:50 Flip back over and repeat the series on your back except with knees further out. 31:50 Flip back over and get in push up position, and add a push-up every time you pass ball back and forth. 10 TOTAL pushups. So you’re only passing back and forth 5 times. 32:20 ONE round of: 32:20 1) Plank on Swiss ball, bring knee into ball 10x each leg 33:40 2) On a Swiss ball in plank position, Russian twist with heave med ball 35:20 3) Also on Swiss ball, with back on the ball have a partner (or me) throw med ball over head and you launch it back. 10x 36:40 Upper Body 37:30 Suitcase carry, use 5 lbs more weight than usual, BUT we’re going 60 sec each side. 39:40 Waiter walk, use heavier than normal, BUT 60 sec each side. 42:20 Walking Halos, 15 circles over head at eyebrow level, clockwise and counterclockwise 43:29 Walking shoulder press 2x 5 each arm 45:55 Standing Big Circle Halos, 10 x direction 47:30 Circuits ONE set, EXCEPT repeat half lunge row and KB swings. Repeat after whole circuit. 47:30 1) Deep squats, 5 x 48:35 2) Windmill with kettlebell, 10 x each side 49:45 3) Deep squat with movements 5 x each - curls, heartbeats, bootstrappers, then RDL and stretch. 52:00 4) Half lunge row with kettlebell, 10 x each side 53:45 5) Kettlebell swings, 20 x . Women use 20-25 lbs, Guys 30-35 lbs 55:15 6) Reach lunges, 8 times each leg. 56:50 REPEAT Half lunge row with kettlebell, 10 x each side 57:50 REPEAT Kettlebell swings, 20 x . Women use 20-25 lbs, Guys 30-35 lbs 59:00 7) One set of leg series: 10 reps of each exercise (body squat, standing lunge, standing lunge with hop, skaters, jump squat) Video By Talbot Cox Media

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