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The Bronx is Burning... with Desire to Read

Lyrics “Lit.” like literature “Lit” like drunk Lit with passion to kill stigmas overdue to be debunked and prove once again that the Bronx keeps creatin’ it and that we are worthy That we are more than just sneaker stores and we support the arts So I stand here today and ask you to open your hearts to help us show the world what many fail to see that the Bronx is no longer burning… except with desire to read And that we thrive just like the indie bookseller that you were told died The numbers don’t lie Did you know indies grew over 30 percent since 2009? with sales up 10 percent last year, outpacing book sales in general, nationwide I’ve been accused of supporting gentrification because I stand to capitalize No, I’m not the type to pick up a picket sign I’m solution-oriented; I said “hello”, the developers, the bad guys and went home to write my business plan on how I was going to ensure faces that look like mine are represented in market rate districts in a few years time I don’t have the answer for displacement but Pride & Prejudice is only welcome in The Lit. Bar’s Classics section The answer to inclusion isn’t to further divide so-called Hippies too feel the rent is too damn high and that Bronx culture matters along with our lives we need each other to get this revolution televised so I, will land The Lit. Bar on top of our South Bronx, their Piano District or whatever… Plymouth Rock so that present and future residents of our borough can harmonize… over a little Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay I am Noëlle Santos from the block Afro-Latina from Soundview, resident of Crotona Park I was abandoned by our one big-box bookshop all the way up in Co-op that served my knowledge Both my degrees are from the Bronx, Lehman College I am a woman I am a Millennial I am you and it is my mission… that with the power of literature, to restore kings & queens to their thrones and help us cope preach the importance of community & shop local mend the gap between the young and old recite John Lennon & J. Cole I declare war on reality shows that teach our children to aspire to Instagram follows (follow us @thelitbar though, lol) and likes and to be Love & Wherever wives that ain’t really wives I only promote black love and real life starting with The Lit. Bar, a home to read and write and blog and excite with book & travel clubs, Kiddie Lit’r, poetry slams, girl’s, & date nights We will not conform; we’ll expand horizons beyond pages and pick up where curriculums failed to engaged us take you back to the time of healthy socialization and don’t forget the wine tasting So help me bring The Lit. Bar near the Bruckner for wine and literature you can bring your book club or e-reader wit’cha to the spot to read, discuss and lounge and sip talk arts & entrepreneurship & all things the Bronx We Lit! Support our campaign "Let's Bring a Goddamn Bookstore to the Bronx" at
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