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14-month-old can't stop cracking up at dad's fake cough

Witness 32-year-old Jace Parker's special bond with his 14-month-old son Miro. In the precious video, captured just before Miro's bedtime in their Louisville home on Saturday (January 18) by mom Bianka, Miro is shown giggling with delight at Jace's fake cough before they both burst into hysterical laughter. In a particularity heartwarming moment, Jace can be heard telling Miro: "I love you dude, you're so funny." Jace told Newsflare: "We have laughed and giggled at each other but not quite like this before. "Miro is my best buddy. No matter what day you have, when you come home to something like that, it can brighten your day and get you through rough times. Enjoy the little things with your kids, they grow and change so fast. Soak in every moment you can."
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