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Adorable toddler determined to take her first steps goes viral

This was the moment a toddler from Texas was undeterred after failing numerous times in a row to take her first steps. The footage of 11-month-old hazel has recently gone viral online but was actually filmed in 2016. Hazel, now four and a half years old is pictured attempting to walk on her own two feet multiple times but gravity and her inexperienced balancing skills force her to the ground. She's unconvinced that the crawling life is for her and manages to take her first steps with cheers from her mother. Hazel's mother, Kelsey, told Newsflare: "I work full-time, so I was extremely excited and proud that I was there for this moment! "She loves watching her baby videos and going through her old pictures. "She says she remembers these moments, but it’s hard to say whether she actually does or not."
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