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Husky Puppy Doesn't Want a Bath

One-year-old 'Piggy' has still been unable to get used to the weekly bath given to him by owner Bom Wattana, 31, at their home in Nonthaburi, Thailand. Although it might look a bit mean, Bom knows all dogs need washing from time to time and he joins ''Piggy'' in the water to encourage him. Footage shows the grumpy pooch twisting and turning as he tries to avoid the paddling pool full of water. Bom's wife Mini, who recorded the bath time scene, said: ''We called the dog piggy because he has always been so hungry since he was a puppy. He loves eating but he doesn't enjoy bath time. ''He does everything to avoid it. We are trying to teach him to like water more. We spray him a little bit like a shower and he is OK. But he makes a lot of noise when he has to be bathed.''
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