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King cobra spits up seven eggs after getting caught raiding hen house

A king cobra was caught in the act after raiding a hen house in eastern India and coughed up seven chicken eggs. Footage of snake catcher Mirza Mohd Arif, in Bhadrak District, Odisha state on August 31, 2018, shows him restraining a cobra that regurgitates not one, not two but seven eggs. Arif was called to rescue the snake after it attacked a henhouse in one of the villagers' farms and then swallowed seven eggs before being caught. According to Arif, the cobra slithered into the chicken coop and killed a hen. It then swallowed seven eggs. He added the snake had spat up the eggs in an attempt to get away more quickly after being caught. He explained: "When a snake slithers on the ground, it's difficult for it to carry food like eggs inside it. In this instance, the cobra wanted to escape from the public view, so it puked up the eggs fast."
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