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UFC Star Cris Cyborg become professional Pig Trainer with her mini pig Manny Porkiao **Breaking News still to be released tonight with the upcoming upload of the Finale of Cyborg Nation Destination Africa, featuring the final episode with Cris Cyborg and Justin Wren in Uganda as part of team Fight For The Forgotten. LOOK FOR THAT UPLOAD TONIGHT...PLEASE SUBSCRIBE WITH NOTIFICATIONS so you see it first!...Fight news SOON....VERY SOON. #Cyborg Nation** Triple Crown Champion Cris Cyborg has won the Strikeforce, Invicta, and UFC Championships making her the first triple crown champion in the sport having captured 3 titles in the 3 world premier organizations offering her weight class of 145lbs. Cyborg working with her miniature mini pig Manny Porkiao has been teaching her pet pig to walk on a leash, sit, and other basic commands. Manny Porkiao is 6 months old and is friends with Cyborg's pets Fedor the dog and Layla Ali the F3 Bengal as well as Sugar Ray Leopard the F1 Bengal. For more on Cris Cyborg's animal pets follow Follow Cris Cyborg Social Media
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