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Wind and Waves Batter Cruise Ship Off Norwegian Coast

Norwegian rescue helicopters and several vessels were evacuating a cruise ship off the coast of Hustadvika, near Farstad, Norway, on Saturday, March 23, after the vessel lost engine power amid lashing winds and heavy seas, official said. Video posted to Instagram from the shore reveals the severity of the weather. Howling winds can be heard as white-capped waves batter the MV Viking Sky, causing it to list wildly. At least 1,300 people needed to be evacuated from the rocking ship, police said. Five helicopters transported passengers ashore in batches, according to Norway’s rescue agency. Winds, recorded at speeds up to 38 knots, whipped up waves. When the ship lost its engine power, the crew emitted a mayday call, officials said. Credit: @bjoernjh53 via Storyful
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