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'A star is born' as woman wows with 'Shallow' rendition at London tube station

A UK-based content creator discovered a local singing sensation while filming a video in London on February 13. Online entertainer Kevin Freshwater filmed himself approaching people on the street, asking them to “finish the lyrics” of various songs for a video project he was working on. Some coyly finished the lyrics, others told him to go away, but one participant at a London Underground station gave the challenge her all. When asked to finish the words to Shallow, a song from the most recent A Star Is Born film, the commuter beautifully belted out the tune. Turns out the commuter is a singer-songwriter called Charlotte Awbery, who has over 250,000 followers on Instagram. “I never expected to bump into such talented people while filming Finish The Lyric in London,” Freshwater said of the clip. Credit: Kevin Freshwater via Storyful

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