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"Dirty Diaper Prank On Kids"

"Did you see what happened? This father pulled a diaper prank on his kids, and their reaction is hilarious! He secretly put chocolate cake in the diaper and then ate it in front of them. The kids are disgusted and they scream and laugh in shock. Parents these days play jokes on their kids whenever they got the chance to. They also don't forget to record them. Anyone can pull off a prank, but this dad is the coolest parent ever. He placed some chocolate cake in the diaper, so it will look more convincing. And when he went to the living room, he got everyone's attention. The silly dad used the diaper as a plate and took a 'poop' bite. All the kids were startled. The little girl screams in horror and her sibling joins her. It is pretty impressive and funny too. So whether your kids are the ones pulling out pranks or they're receiving them, these kind of jokes will have everyone giggling."
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