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Farmer asks neighbor to babysit cows, so he takes it to the extreme

These cows are living the good life on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. It is owned and operated by a wonderful couple who truly love their animals and try tyo give them the best home possible. The cows have acres of lush, green meadows to roam and graze. They have two ponds where they can drink fresh water. The pastures are surrounded on three sides by cornfields and forest. The cows spend most of the year outside in the open, enjoying the freedom and sunshine on the wide expanse of land. It's life as close to what nature intended as possible. The herd is happy and healthy and they are very accustomed to being treated well by their owners. This is very obvious in the way that they react to the farmers and visitors alike with an abundance of trust. They are curious and affectionate animals, and much smarter than we give them credit for. When the farmers were going to be out of town for a few days, they asked a neighbor, Dave, to babysit the cows. The job involved moving a fence and opening a gate to allow them access to a fresh pasture, as well as keeping an eye on them. But Dave took things a step farther, and he saw "babysitting" the herd as an opportunity to spend some time relaxing in the meadow, hanging out with the cows himself. Armed with a little bit of corn, he found that the cows were quite happy to include him in their cow activities. Dave hand fed them treats, petted the calves and even found that several of the larger cows were as affectionate as big dogs. They were eager for head scratches and face rubs. Sometimes they were even competing for affection, trying to push the other cows out of the way, much like jealous dogs will do. When Dave had a seat in the grass to look out over the spectacular view of the rolling hills, one of them even came to join him. Flossey chewed her cud while Dave scratched her head and rubbed her face. Knowing that the farmers would want to see how seriously Dave took his job while they were away, he recorded the fun.
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