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Ice Cream on Pizza: Ingenious or Insane?

Scott always has pizza on the brain, so what better place to stop with Mark than Pizza Brain in Philadelphia? Not only is Pizza Brain an award-winning restaurant, but it’s also the first pizza museum in the entire world, showcasing pizza paraphernalia from as early as the 1940s. And best of all? It’s home to some of Scott’s favorite pizza pals! After showing Mark and Scott around the museum, Chef Joe Hunter serves up a pizza topped with pizza flavored ice cream. Will Joe be able to convince Mark that his concoction is a pizza? Did Mark just replace Scott with a new pizza BFF? What makes a pizza, a pizza? Lucali owner and old-school Brooklyn pizzaiolo Mark Iacono has a strict pizza formula: sauce, cheese, and dough. That’s it. But renowned pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener believes that the beauty of the slice comes from its creative customizability; even if it’s topped with cheeseburgers or constructed with paella. Scott travels all over America to spotlight the country’s most unique pies and make a case for whether these new customizations can, in fact, still be considered a pizza. This time, he’s taking Mark along for the ride on an East Coast road trip to try the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza... but are they really dough?
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