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Kid shows how we feel on the inside when we try new food and hate it

"Goldenberries? More like make me wanna barf berries, am I right? This toddler boy has the most relatable and hilarious reaction to trying new food. Total Bust! Not a food he will be returning to. ATTENTION to all of the picky eaters in this world: not only will you be able to relate to this kid’s reaction after trying something new, you will also think to yourself “see! This is EXACTLY why I don’t try the food when people insist on me doing so. ESPECIALLY when they are recording!” I mean seriously, that should be clue #1 that this food is going to send your taste buds out of whack and make you say YUCK. In this clip, a young boy puts a FULL golden berry in his mouth while his mom records his reaction (and we’ll get there but know his reaction is priceless). She laughs and asks him “what do you think?” while making some funny sour-like faces the boy investigates the package. He is still powering through this GIANT SOUR GOLDENBERRY and let me tell you, his reaction from this point on is too real. I dare you to watch this clip and try to not make a similar face as this kid. His reaction is so real that he brings you on his journey of trying this berry and you will also make a sour face. Keep it real picky eaters! You do you!"



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