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Kids Speaking in Gibberish

Talk, talk, talk! These babies are talking for the first time, and they want us all to know it. Some kids have the art of talking down fully, but this kid gibberish is a little hard to understand. But the one thing that we can all agree on is that that these clips are adorable! The first clip is of course a classic, but have you seen some of the other ones? Like that clip at 3:53 is someone trying to talk me in to a diet (#nothappening). And the clip at 6:13 isn't exactly talking but it's pretty adorable!\n\nLike this video if this adorable kids made you smile. Comment down below and tell us which baby talking vid was your favorite. Mine is probably the one at 7:26 because that tot is literally me on an important phone call. She really gets it, and she's pretty adorable.

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