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Teen Girl Talks Space After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

A wisdom teeth surgery is never a fun thing to do, but if you happen to get a reaction to anesthesia after it, the thing might become not just funny but hilarious! Just like in this video. So, if you need a laugh, this clip of a rambling girl is the real deal! This teen girl just hit her life milestone of getting her wisdom teeth surgery, and now she is sitting in the car with her mom. She tells her that “Gram wants to know how you’re doing” and this poor teen girl starts crying and whining about how she is out of gas for her spaceship. She keeps explaining how badly she wants to get in her spaceship and go to the Moon. LOL! Her mom tries to get her seatbelt on, but she sweetly says to her “Mom, I love you but we need to get gas in the spaceship, so I can go to the Moon!” LOL!



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