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"Teen Girl's Epic Water Catapult Fail"

"Inflatable rafts are such a great source of fun for the whole family on a hot summer day. And this hilarious video is here just to prove that! As the video begins, we can see a teen boy and a teen girl having the best time on a large inflatable raft on a lake. The teen boy is sitting on the edge of the raft, just chilling and enjoying the beautiful day out on the lake. Little did he know that his sneaky sister was coming up with a cunning plan! All of a sudden, she runs behind him and jumps to launch him off the raft and into the water! And here she comes! She jumps in such an incredibly hilarious fashion that she ends up slipping off the raft and falling into the water! They both end up in the lake. He did not expect that to happen, and nor did she! Epic fail!"



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