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Texas Dad Delights Toddler With TikTok Fitted Sheet Challenge

Texas father Kyle Istook and his daughter, Violet, took part in a viral TikTok challenge that ended with them both laughing hysterically, all thanks to a simple household item: a fitted sheet. After seeing other parents attach sheet corners to their hands and feet, then engulf a toddler, Istook posted his own video. The footage shows him seated on the floor with a black fitted sheet wrapped around his body, leaving just his head sticking out. “All right, come on,” Istook says before Violet charges her dad, who extends his arms and legs and “swallows” her into the sheet. “That was one time,” Violet says as the pair laugh together on the floor of her bedroom. “My daughter loved the game so much she wanted to keep doing it for 30 minutes,” Istook told Storyful. Credit: Kyle Istook via Storyful
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