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We all know a golfer who gets frustrated like this toddler

Golf is a wonderful sport that requires patience and perseverance. But, every golf player will tell you that sometimes they also lose their nerves, just like any other people do, and do some impolite things they know they shouldn’t have! But, who can really blame them? We are all humans after all! Just like a tot boy in this video! He is so cute and funny that you don’t want to miss him! This clip shows this adorable tot boy standing in a middle of mini golf court and tries to hit a golf ball beside the hole but fails more than once. No matter what this little ball won’t get into that whole and this little fellow gets frustrated, throws his golf club repeatedly, and kicks his ball away! LOL! Well, I have to admit I don’t normally appreciate that kind of behavior. But, there’s an exception to every rule! This tot boy is so funny that I really don’t mind his anger this time.



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