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This cat is way too smart

When a cat wants a treat, she will always find the way to get it! My beloved furry pup usually starts behaving all nice and cuddly, pretending to be a lady (which she actually isn’t!), meows like in the moves and avoids of doing anything that might make me angry. She thinks that’s the best and the easiest way to get her treats, and you know what, she’s right! When I see her going through all that trouble of being all so nice just for a treat, when she would instead run around and probably break something, I really cannot deny her one! But who would have ever thought that a cat can take it all by herself from a drawer?! OMG, you have to see this! If I haven’t seen this myself, I would believe it either! This video shows an adorable cat who knows how to open a drawer and pull out the bag of her favorite treat! Absolutely amazing!
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