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Casey Kearney - Waffle House (Official Music Video)

Website: Facebook and Instagram: @caseykearneymusic More Music: Apple Music: Spotify: Back Story of "Waffle House"... My sweet friends Rob and Kelli told me their story in conversation when I met them a couple of years ago. They said they’ve been married 30+ years, they slow danced in a Waffle House on New Years Eve after they got married. We laughed. It stuck with me. I thought it was the sweetest little love story. I added a few details to it and wrote the song sitting in my friend Marcie’s condo on 30A. I honestly thought it was just a cute funny song for my friends. However, when I started performing it everyone else started sharing their own Waffle House stories! I had no idea it could be such a romantic place full of first dates, proposals, and wedding receptions. 😂 This turned into people saying “for us it wasn’t Waffle House it was IHOP, Hardee’s, Huddle House etc etc etc.” Basically a bunch of long lasting relationships did not start out fancy! I guess love likes waffles. When we decided to do a video for Waffle House me, Rob and Kelli talked about several different ideas. The main thing we wanted was to show the abstract progression of the relationship. Young love, middle of life, and older in life. This wasn’t super hard to cast for these parts because Kelli, her daughter Jessie, and her mom Lois are all so beautiful and look alike. Rob, Andrew, and Ardie each played their respective age groups and they all did such a great job. Deciding on a director for the Waffle House music video was tough until I met Keno Manuel. Y’all this guy has so much life and energy. He was so creative and professional with his ideas and presentation. His story boards presenting color palettes, thematic elements, and so many other ideas were so impressive especially as young as he is. Rob, Kelli and I knew right away we loved him and wanted him to do the job! When it came to filming day his crew was fantastic, they were young and smart. It was a super long day, but they worked so hard and were so professional. They’ll definitely go far in life. A music video project doesn’t just happen. This one took a few special people to make it come to life...My friend Lisa Overly let us invade the inside and outside of her house for hours to film tiny flashes of home life. We had to move her cute Christmas decor and rearrange a bit, but she was so sweet and accommodating to the whole crew. Her poor kids just wanted some lunch, but waited patiently for us to get out of the way! 😂🏡 My friend Gloria Fortner brought her perfectly muddy Jeep all day long for a few shots. It was a funny little adventure when Andrew (who played young Rob) was learning to drive a standard...he wasn’t the only one... Basically the only ones who knew how to drive one were over the age of 30! 😂 He learned that day though, picked it up quick! Skylar Capri was the best cheerleader, make up and hair touch ups, lunch girl, runner, and set crew. You can’t be around this girl and not have fun. She’s so great. She even took Annabelle in her Benz convertible to and from gymnastics while we were still filming. Annabelle was feeling fancy for sure. 🤩 Kelli and Rob played themselves and were naturals at it. Andrew came home from Auburn University to play “young Rob.” Their daughter Jessi came from ATL to play “young Kelli.” Kelli’s mom Lois and her husband Artie played the oldest couple. It was a long, long day for them but they hung out with smiles on their faces. Some of their shots were my fave of the whole video! We filmed in my hometown of Crestview, FL. The venues were so nice to let the cast and crew invade their spaces. We shot in the courtyard behind Casbah Coffee, the Waffle House on 90, Twin Hills Park and Lisa’s house. It was a long day full of ups and downs, but so much fun and the finished product was worth it.
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