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Farmer saves life of frozen newborn calf trapped in blizzard conditions

AccuWeather logo AccuWeather 2/11/2019

Video by Storyful

Farmer Nick Cobb rescued several calves from blizzard conditions in Ephrata, Washington, on Saturday, Feb. 9. A heavy snowstorm slammed Washington state this past weekend, it was the biggest snowstorm to strike the Seattle area since February 2017.

The city of Ephrata is located in central Washington. The city received about 2 to 4 inches of snow from the storm on Saturday.

"Strong winds led to moderate to severe blowing and drifting snow with poor visibility and life-threatening conditions. AccuWeather Realfeel® temperatures dropped to minus 10 F Saturday afternoon," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Bob Smerbeck said.

During the snowstorm, Cobb drove out to check on his cattle and found the herd huddled together, protecting themselves from the storm.

Cobb also found some newborn calves in trouble when he checked on the cattle.

Cobb told Storyful that he pulled 15 calves, all one to three days old, inside his car, including one coated in snow and ice. That calf, later nicknamed Oreo, was taken inside Cobb's family home to be warmed up in a bath by Cobb's daughter Mac and his wife Kelly.

The other 14 calves were in better condition than Oreo and were fed and cared for in a warming shed, Cobb said.

The intensifying snowstorm tracked southward through western British Columbia and hugged the Oregon coast Saturday into Sunday. The strong storm pulled Arctic air from southwest Canada across central Washington state, according to Smerbeck.

The result was snow and strong winds for Ephrata, especially later Friday night into Saturday.

"Temperatures fell through the 20s Friday night and into the teens Saturday afternoon with north to northeast winds gusting to 40 to 45 mph, causing blizzard conditions," Smerbeck said.

The National Weather Service (NWS), as well as city and county officials, reported heavy snow in Ephrata, Washington, over the weekend.

Cobb captured the event of the cattle in the snow in photos and videos, which he then shared on social media.

He has previously livestreamed videos of cattle in warmer conditions.


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