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Krystal Ball: Billionaires panicking over Sanders candidacy

Opinion by: Krystal Ball At a grassroots fundraiser last night in D.C., Bernie Sanders had a message for our fragile ruling class. His utter mockery and ‘F your feelings’ attitude towards billionaires is just sublime and, of course, perfectly timed given that the ruling class is truly in full meltdown panic mode. First, Tom Steyer jumped into the presidential race after saying he wouldn't. When pressed for a justification by Politico, he said it's because no one was prioritizing climate change. This, of course, in spite of the fact that he still has investments in oil and gas companies, not to mention an undying faith in the consumerist capitalistic system that led the planet to the point of collapse in the first place. Then, after numerous reports of Manhattan donor hand wringing, Michael Bloomberg decided to get in on the action. He is now officially on the ballot in at least a few states and his advisor Howard Wolfson says that he will skip the early primary states to focus on Super Tuesday. The billionaire former NYC mayor would enter the primary race with a worst in field negative 31 favorability rating among Iowa voters. Next up, Deval Patrick who brings quite a record of white-washing corporate malfeasance to the table. He's got a classic up by the bootstraps story that ends with him as VP at Coca-Cola, VP at Texaco, and managing director at Bain Capital. But maybe his most revealing resume item was his time with Ameriquest, which was written about by Zach Carter over at the Huffington Post. Ameriquest was the largest subprime lender in the housing crisis. Described as the "worst bottom feeder of them all,” Deval Patrick sat on their board. Patrick has called Biden and others to indicate he may jump in the race. I guess the donor class loves Pete but can see the polling that has him near 0% with black voters. I personally see no reason to believe that a similar corporatist background wrapped in a different identity will achieve significantly better results— but sure, whatever.

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