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Mysterious cloud spotted over UAE sparks fears of ALIEN invasion

Mirror logo Mirror 26/03/2019 Shivali Best
water next to the ocean: The mysterious cloud © UFO Sightings Daily The mysterious cloud

A mysterious cloud spotted over Al Ain City this month has sparked fears among conspiracy theorists of an alien invasion.

The circular cloud was spotted by Ibrahim Al Jarwan, who tweeted a video of it.

Scott C Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, now claims that the cloud is a ‘clocked alien craft’.

He said: “If you look closely at the hole, you will see an inner and outer ring. This means the UFO is still there right now as this photo was taken.”

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Mr Waring claims the UFO visited the UAE ‘to observe one of the richest countries in the world for their oil and wealth.’

He added: “They are watching, recording and gathering more data on you than you knew existed.

"All without your permission to do so. That is a crime that has continued for thousands of years on Earth and still does. I call that a crime against humanity.”

It looks like a hole-punch cloud to us © UFO Sightings Daily It looks like a hole-punch cloud to us

While Mr Waring is convinced that the cloud is the result of a UFO, to us, it looks like a hole-punch cloud.

A hole-punch cloud, also known as a fallstreak cloud, forms when temperatures are below freezing, but water droplets in the clouds are yet to freeze due to a lack of ice particles.

When ice particles form quickly, it causes a domino effect as the water droplets connect with the crystals, which get heavier and then suddenly start to fall.

This process leaves a large hole in the cloud.


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