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Jaguar F-Type P300 vs Audi RS5

Motor Trend India logo Motor Trend India 2019-03-25 Somnath Chatterjee
a car parked on the side of a road: IMG 9452 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9452

It was predicted that sports cars would get extinct since modern day mobility does not have a place for the dinosaur of the car world. Sports cars do not have much practicality and surely having 'fun' in today's politically correct world was thought to be seen with the same disdain as smoking. How wrong. The sports car is very much alive today and very much a crucial part of today's automotive landscape. They have adapted. Probably the best two examples of this new do-it-all sports car is being seen here. These two are not powered by massive V8s or make the tree-huggers angry.

a car parked on the side of a road: IMG 9470 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9470

Instead these two sports cars can be happily used daily, return surprisingly good fuel economy and come with downsized turbocharged engines. Welcome to the new world. The new Audi RS5 comes with a 2.9 litre twin-turbo V6 while the Jaguar F-Type seen here has a 2.0-litre, turbocharged four-cylinder unit . Before you saw 'WTF', let me explain. These two maybe downsized but the thrills are very much there along with the fun factor. Let us get straight to an empty road to addresses those very concerns. The F-Type in its V8 flavour is hilarious but a bit of a handful and you never really have the courage to explore its limits since it's so snappy/tricky.

a red car parked in a parking lot: IMG 9744 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9744

This 2.0 four cylinder unit just changes that character. It's lighter now and the engine is a beautiful unit proving being lighter/nimbler is more important than having a huge lump of an engine up-front. The 2.0 F-Type has enough power (296 bhp/400Nm) and feels quick without scaring you but the real deal is how delicate and light it is to drive now. You get the confidence to push more and you have just the right amount of power to go with that. Yes, the sound is not the same rich V8 bass that wakes up the entire country but it's loud enough and nice sounding enough. I love the feel some steering, the connection you get and I found myself enjoying this F-Type more and not thinking of avoiding an expensive crash unlike the temperamental diva which is the V8 version. See, less is more...

a red car parked on the side of a road: IMG 9950 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9950

...then it's the German which has been sitting quietly and flashing the Joker smile via its menacing stance. While it has a bigger engine over the F-Type, the philosophy is the same. The 450 bhp and 600Nm along with the brutal Quattro tech gives so much more performance and agility over the earlier V8 RS5. It is nothing more than a road going missile and sticks to the tarmac like a leech as you see rather illegal numbers flashing up on the virtual cockpit. The RS5 is a point and shoot device in which you can do acceleration runs all day (0-100 in less than 4 secs!) while the F-Type feels more delicate with its steering and traditional sports car personality traits. Thus the RS5 is like a hitman and goes in with a more clinical way. Grip from Quattro is just stunning while on the other hand the F-Type indulges you in sports car theatrics every now and then.

a view of a car: IMG 9899 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9899

These two are similar but so different in many ways. The F-Type is a traditional sports car but injected with modern day tech witch craft and it works. The F-Type, I kid you not, is currently the most beautiful car in the world. Those sensuous lines and picture perfect proportions of what a classical sports car should look like, is a treat for one's eyes.

a car parked on the side of a road: IMG 0054 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 0054

The RS5 on the other hand has a brooding stance and looks more sinister. Yet in this stunning shade of grey, it looks purposeful and a serious machine in its own way. The RS5 is more practical but the F-Type has the more sports car like driving position with more drama. The RS5 also rides slightly better while the F-Type feels firmer. Both however won't break your bank account or your back. The point of this exercise was to showcase how practical/fast and just plain effective sports cars have become. We drove these two for many days in all forms of chaotic traffic, we drove them flat-out, we used them everyday and they just delivered. In Delhi and they worked. No furrowed brows or tantrums thrown up.

a close up of a car: IMG 9902 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9902

The RS5 is the more expensive machine here at Rs 1.1 cr but if you crave for speed, nothing else quenches your thirst at this price point at-least. You can use it everyday and a touch of a button makes this as easy as an A4 to drive. It has a biggish boot, its comfy and practical but when given the beans, the acceleration and grip is phenomenal. The every day supercar.

a car parked in a parking lot: IMG 9392 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9392

The F-Type is a more traditional recipe but like the RS5 leaves an impression albeit with its beauty and charm plus it feels more like a bonafide supercar than sports car. It has that charm and the drama yet does not tax you for it. A bargain then for Rs 94 lakh, especially if you want the supercar like thrills but without the spills. Downsizing has made the sports car more than a one trick pony which these two show and all that at a price of a luxury limo. Pick one which suits your palate but no doubt that these two are the current benchmarks in the sports car segment.

a red car parked on the side of a road: IMG 9858 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 9858

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