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Kelly Osbourne 'almost died' from Lyme disease

Wonderwall logo Wonderwall 2017-04-26 Mark Gray
Kelly Osbourne 'almost died' from Lyme disease © Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Kelly Osbourne 'almost died' from Lyme disease

Kelly Osbourne got emotional while talking about her battle with Lyme disease, saying it almost killed her.

"It's a debilitating disease that most of the time goes misdiagnosed," she said while appearing on "Watch Watch Happens Live."

The former reality TV star took some heat for calling Lyme a "trendy disease" in her new book. Some felt that she belittled stars who currently battle the disease like Gigi and Bella Hadid's mom Yolanda.

Kelly defended herself for her comments.

"I actually helped Yolanda, I put her in touch with the doctor who helped me," she said. "What annoys me is that this is a real, real disease, it almost killed me. Someone can take one sentence and make it seem so negative…there is nothing negative, I will do anything to raise awareness for it because I almost died from it."

Like she is in her book, Kelly was quite open about her life on April 24, even speaking about how she was addicted to drugs. She told "WWHL" host Andy Cohen that she doesn't do cocaine anymore because it makes her sleepy.

"It's because I have ADHD, that's why," she said.

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In her book, she said that she used to abuse prescription drugs, but finally got clean after four rehab visits.

Her Lyme disease, though, was what gave her the most pain. But, she claims she found a cure in Germany.

"I started stem cell therapy. Rather than trying to kill off the disease with antibiotics, this treatment worked to strengthen my immune system so my body could fight off and get rid of the disease on its own, which is a much more complete and lasting cure," she wrote in her book. "I stayed for two weeks. I was experiencing emotions and feelings again. I'd been in a diseased and doctor-approved drug-induced haze for so long that I didn't know what it was like to be happy or sad or in pain."

Also, without naming names, she said there are some people in Hollywood who are milking the disease for the spotlight.

"I've kept quiet about my Lyme disease, not only for fear of pharmaceutical companies coming after me because of the cure I found in Germany but also because it seems like the trendy disease to have right now, and I'm tired of seeing sad celebrities play the victim on the cover of weekly mags," she said.

"Since I know firsthand how awfully debilitating it is, I know who really has it and who is just trying to prolong their 15 minutes. I don't understand how anyone could think that the life you have to live with Lyme disease is glamorous."

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