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Camera hidden in dog's water bowl provides comical footage

Briva is a big dog with a big thirst. Weighing in at a hefty 170lbs, she is a very tall and muscular dog with a head the size of a small watermelon. She loves to wander and play in the sun, exploring her big back yard throughout most her afternoons. When she does, she also enjoys fresh, cool water from her enormous water bowl. On this warm Canadian day in July, Briva was enjoying her usual outside play time and she worked up her usual thirst. Her family had always been amused by watching her massive tongue slurp up the water from her bowl. Great Danes do everything with enthusiasm, and they always make a mess. Half of her water ends up in her mouth and the other half ends up on the floor or the ground all around her. When Briva went to her water bowl for a drink, there was a camera lying in the bottom of it. She seemed curious about the small, black object with the blinking light, but she was more thirsty than she was curious and she eventually started slurping away at her water. What the camera did was provide the view of Briva's huge mouth from below, looking straight up. As we can see, the background is a beautiful blue sky and bright sun; the perfect conditions for a wonderful dog like Briva to be enjoying. Briva is now almost 13 years old. She has been a very loyal and protective family pet and guardian. Gentle in nature, Great Danes are also capable of a bark and a look that makes them appear very fierce about their people's safety. Briva is in her golden years now and she does less playing and exploring. She still enjoys her outside time and she wanders around the yard, sniffing new smells and checking out her property. But she does all of this a little more slowly and she spends more time watching from the deck now. Briva even has her favorite cushy dog bed where she can snooze in the sun and soak up the summer smells. Briva has been the perfect companion to her family.
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