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Meerkats fascinated by gorilla fight, try to get involved

It's like the meerkats are watching a WWE match, they look that excited and intrigued. This is a mixed enclosure for the Gorillas, at the Artis Zoo in the Netherlands. The gorillas and Meerkats live together, they've also got some Diana Monkeys, but I only spotted them in the corner of my eye high above. The gorillas decided they have a chase and a squabble and the meerkats are watching it all with interest. Even though they nearly get run over by the western lowland gorillas, they're coming back to watch some more and edging forward slowly. They don't seem to want to miss anything. When the gorillas decide they have a chase, the meerkats start to jump up and down like crazy like they want to get a better view of what is happening next and where the western lowland gorillas are. The nimble meerkats quickly jump out of the way when the primates come back round and continue to watch them. I know some worry about the meerkats being together with the gorillas that they might get hurt. The meerkats seem to know what they letting themselves in for. Meaning they aren't hiding away in their own dens or spaces, which they have. They actively spent time close to the gorillas. They're so nimble that they can can quickly move out of the way.
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