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Gisele Bündchen opens up about her plant-based diet

Harper's Bazaar logo Harper's Bazaar 2017-05-18 Katie Stow

Gisele Bündchen opens up about her plant-based diet © Getty Gisele Bündchen opens up about her plant-based diet Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have always looked a vision of health, but the secrets to their fit figures has always remained quite mysterious- until now.

In a recent interview with CBS This Morning, Bündchen opened up about her plant-based diet, which eliminates a fair few veggie staples and family favourites.

The list included:

1. White sugar

2. White flour

3. MSG

4. Caffeine

5. Fungus

6. Dairy

7. Nightshades (like tomatoes and capsicums)

Bündchen has eaten this way herself for over 10 years, but now encourages her whole family to get on board.

Though her husband, Brady, initially took on the diet with the addition of lean meats, he has now switched over to a full plant-based diet and it is working wonders.


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"He's almost 40, right? But the thing is, he said he's been feeling so much better," the model explained. "I have to say it's amazing, you know, the way he feels. He doesn't feel achy. He just feels so much more energy."

Getty © Provided by Harpers Bazaar Getty Bündchen would never take full credit for her husband's success on the field, but she is glad that he has overcome his initial fears of the diet and embraced the lifestyle.

"He has to thank his commitment and his dedication to [the game]. Because he still has to wanna do it, right? In the beginning he was like, it was a little, you know, different for him. But now he loves it, and he wouldn't have it any other way, because he feels better."

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