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The challenge of buying a dog-friendly flat in Cape Town

CapeTalk logo CapeTalk 2018-04-12 Matshepo Sehloho
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Speaking to CapeTalk's John Maytham, caller Greg Cohen says as a dog lover he is struggling to find a flat to buy in Sea Point, Cape Town that allows dogs.

He says he is encountering a blanket ban on dogs being allowed to live in blocks of flats.

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"I am currently living in a flat with my dog living with me. My dog goes to work with me every day. He doesn't bark, doesn't make any mess on the premises of the block of flats and yet I am served with a letter telling me to remove the dog or action will be taken and fines will be imposed," says Greg.

John Maytham also spoke to Director of BBM Law Specialising in Sectional Title & Developments, Marina Constas about allowing dogs to live in a complex.

"The law is pretty clear. In the standard rules that apply, in other words, if you haven't made any amendments to your rules in your scheme. The standard rule says, first of all, you have pets with the trustees written consent, which must not be unreasonably held," she says.

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