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Eusebius on black wealth 'The messenger does matter'

702 logo702 2018-12-06 Barbara Friedman
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Johann Rupert's conversation on PowerFM with Given Mkhari on Tuesday evening has had an enormous backlash on social media with many criticising the comments Rupert made about the way in which black people manage wealth.

He made comments suggesting that young black people spend their money on BMWs, clubbing and added that they never save what they earn.

Eusebius makes two points in this regard.

Firstly, regarding the way in which black people experienced apartheid and generations of oppression and deprivation has meant black people have not had role models teaching them how to save and manage money.

Secondly, he says, the messenger does matter. It matters who is giving the message, and adds someone like Rupert was not the right person to be giving this advice or critique. He says a message from a white billionaire like Rupert does not land well.

Yet he and callers agree that many black professionals struggle to manage their wealth and need to learn these skills.

Even if you have a core skill set, even if you are smart and have a job that is high paying, you are not immune from the psychological and sociological consequences of a history of deprivation. — Eusebius McKaiser, presenter

Take a listen to the insightful conversation below:

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