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ISPs asked to block torrent sites in SA logo: iAfrica logo thumb 2017-07-17
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South African internet service providers have been asked to block all sites that facilitate copyright infringement, including torrent indices.

That’s according to MyBroadband, which adds that the request was made by the Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft.

While the website’s sources have asked to remain anonymous, they have divulged that SAFACT will consider legal action if ISPs refuse to comply.

The block would include all torrent indexing sites, meaning that the likes of The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents would be prevented from running in South Africa.

While the sites don’t actually host illegal content, they directly facilitate links to “seeds” that do.

Cloudflare currently also hides the IP addresses of many such sites, making SAFACT’s request that much harder for ISPs.

The site also confirms that it has been in contact with several ISPs which believe that the proposal is ill-fated. At the end of the day, blocking such sites will be extremely difficult and costly for all of SA’s ISPs.

As long as there is no legal obligation for them to do so, they will likely continue to tolerate the existence of torrent indices. 

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