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In Loving Memeory: Afro Circus

Memeburn logo Memeburn 2017-04-18 Julia Breakey
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In Loving Memeory is a series that pays tribute to memes that are no longer with us. They may be gone, but they should never be forgotten.

Back in 2012, I met my best friend. We didn’t stay friends for long. Some could even say it was only a day. But true friendships aren’t about time. They’re about impact, they’re about feelings.

And Afro Circus, you made me feel more than anyone else.

Our love began when I was 16, scrolling Tumblr late at night like every other socially awkward teen. Someone I followed had reblogged an audio post, declaring the track Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Never one to pass up a banger, I hit play.

It was the best decision I ever made. Because I met you.

“Da da da da da da circus,” you said. “Da da da da da da afro.”

It resonated with me to my core, and we clicked like no one else ever had. We went on journeys through Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” and even LMFAO’s classic “Party Rock Anthem.”

And sure, like all friends, we hit hard times. Like when you played multiple times during an episode of Legend of Korra, and some declared you “the only thing Korra fans hate more than Tarrlok right now.”

But we had our good times too.

I remember the time I learned that you were originally created as a military march, and we both had stomach pains from laughing. These were the moments that shaped me into the woman I am today.

To this day, you have brought joy to people’s lives, Afro. Just last month I was at a primary school fashion show, and 13-year-olds jumped on stage to you. They were 8 when you were born.

You have not been forgotten. Not now, not ever.

Here’s just a few people who love to remember you.

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