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Facebook to demote business, media posts in bid to recover user engagement

702 logo702 2018-01-12 Qama Qukula
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Facebook is changing what you see on your news feed.

Users can expect to see fewer posts from businesses and brands in the future, the social media giant announced.

Facebook will instead prioritise messages and photos shared by friends and families.

Facebook says that their formula may result in decreased popularity of post from organisations as they move to focus on personal moments.

Tech expert Duncan McLeod says the changes are a strategic business decision in an effort to address decreasing user engagement.

"It seems to be pointing to a decline in engagement among users, particularly as we've seen more fake news appearing.

"In many respects it is a return to what Facebook was originally - a way of keeping up to date to what your friends and family are doing," McLeod said.

"More needs to be addressed on the advertising side of Facebook."

Take a listen to the analysis:

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