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Bossy elephant chases animals away from water with loud screams

We recently spend time on safari in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. This National Park is known for its huge elephant population. During the dry season, water becomes scares and is limited to a few widespread man-made waterholes that are pumped twenty-four hours nonstop. These waterholes tend to become very crowded as animals come from far to quench their thirst. Being the largest land mammals on the planet, elephants also consume the most water of all animals. With competition fierce for the little water available, things around these waterholes can become heated. We stopped at one of these waterholes to spend time watching all the wild animals come and go. A variety of animals such as kudu antelope, baboons and impala antelope were around the watering hole and the scene was peaceful and quiet. Suddenly one male elephant appeared on the scene. He slowly walked along the edge of the waterhole. Kudu antelope were standing and drinking at the edge of the water with baboons sitting nearby, scratching around for a meal. The elephant’s behavior quickly changed as he got closer. It was clear that the bossy elephant bull was not happy with the presence of all the animals and made it clear that he does not want anyone near the water. He was the boss and the water belonged to him. Elephants in general do not like sharing water with other animals. The elephant suddenly charged towards the kudu and the baboons. While chasing the animals around, we could clearly hear the loud, intimidating screams and trumpets, used in an attempt to intimidate and scare the animals away. One male kudu couldn’t be bothered and continued drinking. The rest of the antelope scattered in all directions while the baboons quickly got out of the way. It was clear that the baboons were an easy target and the elephant continued chasing after the baboons until we lost sight of them. It was really funny to watch how grumpy this elephant was, spending all that time screaming and chasing after animals that pose no threat to him whatsoever. To us it looked more like a case of “I am the biggest and I can do whatever I like, because I can”. After the commotion, the scene became calm and peaceful again. Eventually the elephant returned to the water and enjoyed a drink all by himself.
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