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Infobae's Daily News Update

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At least five were killed after a small private plane fell in the Rio de la Plata on Tuesday afternoon. Four others were successfully rescued and hospitalized in Uruguay and Argentina. The plane was flying from San Fernando, in the Buenos Aires province, to Carmelo, Uruguay. While it's still unclear why it crashed, early reports suggest that the plane couldn't land in Carmelo because of the heavy fog it and turned back, crashing several minutes later. The pilot, who died in the crash, was looking for a safe place to land. Economy Minister Axel Kicillof is meeting with representatives from the Paris Club in France on Wednesday, where he hopes to devise a plan that helps Argentina pay its long standing debt of US$10 billion to the financial organization. Kicillof has warned that negotiations would take a long time and while "both sides appear to be headed to an agreement," there are still many that must be discussed before reaching an agreement. In Washington DC, Argentina presented it's side of the story to the US Supreme Court in yet another episode of the crusade against the so-called "vulture funds." On Tuesday, Argentina asked the court to revise previous rulings, in particular the one by federal judge Thomas Griesa, who ordered the payment of US$1.3 billion to the bond holders. Argentina sees to be ready to accept an unfavorable ruling, but warned about how its dangerous effects, since it could force it to default on its sovereign debt. After Transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo announced on television that the new train cars had been vandalized by a couple of teenagers, the National Government launched a new alert system that will help report cases of vandalism to the authorities via text message. President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner attended the launch in Retiro. The President said they decided to implement it after someone suggested the idea on Facebook. Banks around the country will be closed on Thursday. Bank employees unions are once again going on strike to protest the dismissal of 36 Caja Popular employees. On May 13, 22 workers in the banking sector were wounded after the police shot at them while they were protesting the measure outside one of the bank's branches. Protesters were demanding that the fired employees were rehired. Union representatives accused Tucuman governor Jose Alperovich of "state terrorism," arguing that "his behavior affects their rights and democracy."

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