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Infobae's daily news update

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After careful negotiation, Argentina has reached an agreement with the Paris Club to pay a long standing debt of close to US$10 billion over a five-year period. Argentina has agreed to a first payment of close to US$650 million by July and US$500 million by May of 2015. The rest will be paid by administration that comes once President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner leaves office. Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich failed to say this morning whether the agreement will have to go through Congress. He explained that the details of the accord "will be made public soon" and that Congress "will be appropriately informed about it," but he didn't elaborate on whether it will be put up to a vote. He did predict, however, that the opposition would "probably be against it" because it "never supports anything the administration does." In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced yesterday that it is formally inviting Argentina to take part in the BRICS summit scheduled to take place in Brazil in July. The announcement came after Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman met with his Russian counterpart there. According to the Russian ministry's Twitter account, Vladimir Putin will likely meet with Cristina Fernández when he comes to visit Latin America. Russia also said it supports Argentina's claim in the Malvinas sovereignty dispute. Many inside the Kirchnerite Victory Front party are not happy with the fact that picking Daniel Scioli as their political heir is now inevitable. Carta Abierta (Open Letter) is an organization of intellectuals who refuse to support him because they consider him a moderate. Scioli said recently he doesn't mind their disapproval and that he might be willing to write an open letter to respond to them. Scioli said that "he likes to do things his own way and that many times they criticize him without knowing what he's done." The City's Culture Minister Hernán Lombardi won the internet today. A few weeks ago Lombardi was accused by a local online news site that he was the one responsible for the über-controversial Twitter persona @DraPignata, a fascist, racist, xenophobic and homophobic old woman who is constantly insults other users and tells them to "shut up and die." Lombardi denied having any involvement and replied to the accusations made against him at the Government's anti-discrimination agency INADI, saying he was bothered by the waste of tax payers' money to go after a humorous online character when there are so many other important things they should be taking care of.

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