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Infobae's Daily News Update

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A few hours after learning of the Spanish king's decision to abdicate, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner sent Juan Carlos a message praising his role in defending the Spanish democracy during the attempted coup of 1981. The President also said that "as he abdicates in Spain, a friend of Latin America goes away." Fernández added that "the Argentine people salute him" and said she is certain that the new king, Felipe, will continue to strengthen the ties between Spain and Argentina. President will once again cross paths with mayor Mauricio Macri, one of her major political opponents. While in the past such a situation was highly unlikely, recently both of them have appeared together in various ceremonies, which has led to speculation from the Massa camp, now accusing them of making some sort of political pact. The Government denied these accusations this morning, saying that "it's just both of them working together for a common goal." Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich went after the auto makers who have recently chosen to suspend or fire workers due to the recent drop in sales instead of dropping their prices. Capitanich accused them of "constantly pressuring workers and putting their stability at stake in an attempt to indirectly put pressure on the government." Capitanich also said there are other auto companies that "didn't increase their prices and sales went up." As the Ciccone scandal deepens, the opposition in the Lower House is thinking of impeaching Vice-President Amado Boudou. Lawmaker Laura Alonso from the PRO party has announced that she will call for the impeachment committee to meet as soon as possible to discuss Boudou's situation and the many calls for impeachment that many in the opposition have made since the scandal began two years ago. The Vice-President's attorneys sent a letter to judge Ariel Lijo urging him to change the date when Boudou is supposed to show up in court for questioning. The VP is expected to talk to the judge on July 15, the very same day that the President is supposed to travel to Brazil to attend the BRICS summit. This would mean that the vice-President would have to testify as acting president of Argentina. Boudou is asking the judge to change it to an earlier date.

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