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Infobae's daily news update

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As a nationwide general strike nears, President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said on Wednesday that the National Government is considering raising the income tax floor. After meeting with union leaders, the President promised to changes to it, according to those who were present. The leader of the dissident CGT umbrella union, Hugo Moyano, has repeatedly called for the income tax floor to be adjusted for inflation, and the President's decision prompted him to say that tomorrow's strike "is already producing results." After learning of a scathing IMF study predicting that Argentina's economic growth would remain low at least until next year, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich stated that IMF analysts "are always predicting catastrophes that never come to pass." Capitanich recalled that "it was the IMF's recommendations that created the worst social crisis in Argentine history" and closed by saying that Argentina "doesn't owe them a single dollar, so they can't condition our economy." All of the nine accused suspects of being involved in the disappearance of Marita Veron, who was taken by a human trafficking ring twelve years ago, were sentenced to spend between 10 and 22 years in prison. Marita's mother Susana Trimarco, who never stopped looking for her daughter, said that "she hoped for more but she is satisfied," because she has "achieved some form of justice for her daughter and all victims of human trafficking." Pope Francis is the latest high-profiled political figure to comment on the recent lynching incidents taking place around the country. The Pope sent personal email to two of his friends in which he condemned mob justice after hearing about the 18-year-old suspect who was beaten to death in Rosario after robbing a purse two weeks ago. The Pope says he is "hurt" by what happened and wonders "what went wrong," adding that "this was a boy who was created by us, educated among us and whoever is without sin should throw the first kick." As a Kirchnerite lawmaker is once again introducing a bill in Congress to legalize abortion in the country along with almost 60 other colleagues on the Lower House floor, Capitanich distanced the Government from it, saying that "the legalization of abortion is not of the administration's business." He also said that "while there are many bills spearheading it, the Government is not promoting this or any similar bill."   

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