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Las mejores citas de películas navideñas

Photos Logotipo Por Marshall Julius de Photos | Diapositiva 1 de 28: Slowly but inevitably shuffling towards us like some sort of festive zombie, Christmas is coming.

As 24’s Jack Bauer used to say to folks he’d strangle unconscious, don’t fight it. Soon we’ll be awash with relatives, socks and tappable, unwrappable chocolate, immersed in the jingle bell-jollity of Noddy Holder and Shakin’ Stevens.

Also, there will be films. Cheerful, snow-capped family fare, perennial favourites fashioned to fall asleep in front of once the sherry’s polished off and the tryptophan kicks in. Here then is a selection of our favourite quotes from the Crimbo classics you’ll almost see this Xmas.

Las mejores citas de películas navideñas

La Navidad ya está aquí. Hacemos un repaso a las citas más memorables en películas navideñas....

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