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“Letting in such an absurd goal affected me, but that’s football”

Logotipo de AS AS 27/05/2014
Madrid deserved to win © Proporcionado por AS Madrid deserved to win

Iker Casillas lifted Real Madrid’s Décima, tenth European Cup, on Saturday, after what the keeper said was a “really difficult” final against Atlético Madrid, in which the keeper made one of the worst mistakes of his career, gifting a goal to Godín. “You feel responsible in the situation, but it’s football and these things happen”, said Casillas in a video interview with

The Décima: “It’s a source of incredible joy. After so long, the truth is that your head just fills up with emotions. And you give thanks to God for the privilege of being able to make millions of people happy; everyone in Lisbon, all the people following on the television, in Spain and around the world”.

Kings of Europe: “I think that, thanks to our efforts, we’ve put Real Madrid back in the place where it deserves to be, as the King of Europe. We’re at ten European Cups, which is just incredible.”

Justice: “Having been close to the final for three years in a row, justice has been done, thanks to suffering, courage, commitment, guts and the fact we never gave up. It was the final to an amazing season. And although we struggled, we deserved it.”

Godín’s goal: “It’s tough. Letting that goal in is absurd, you feel bad because of the team. You feel responsible for the situation and you see that the team, trying their harderst, aren’t getting responding. But football is like that. It’s 90 minutes, plus the time added on. For me the time added on is right, because a lot had been wasted during the match. The two sides were suffering the consequences of a long season and finally justice was done when we equalised and we won in extra-time. Madrid were better there than Atlético, so at the end of the day we deserved to win the European Cup”.

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