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A sea of red and white celebrates Atleti's league title

Logotipo de AS AS 18/05/2014

The Atlético fans, who had been waiting for a league title to celebrate since 1996, got the party started early today after their side clinched the championship last night at the Camp Nou, drawing 1-1 with Barcelona. Although the open-topped bus wasn’t due to leave the Calderón until around 8pm, the area around the ground was thronged with thousands of fans several hours before. In fact the police had to open a passageway so that the players could get their cars through to the ground. As they drove through they were met with wave after wave of applause and cheers.

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The bus arrived at the famous old Neptune Fountain, where Atleti traditionally celebrate their titles, around 8.45pm in the midst of an almighty ovation that nearly drowned out the Atleti hymn played over the loudspeakers. The fans though soon took up the song, which they carried on ‘a capella’ while the players circled the square where the fountain is located in their bus. “Olé, Olé, Olé, Cholo Simeone” and chants in honour of Luis Aragonés rang out, along with the classic “Campeones, campeones”.

There wasn’t room in the square for a single fan more, and the name of each player was called over the sound system when they went up on the walkway. Some had their children with them, such as David Villa, Juanfran, Diego and Gabi. And after Gabi and Simeone had spoken, the legendary Queen song, ‘We are the Champions’ was heard in Neptune once again.

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